All Inclusive Resident Desk Terms & Conditions

Haatch Desks Limited, The small print…

We love our spaces and hope you’ll love them too, just a few things before you get started.

Haatch Desks provides ad-hock or longer term desks, meeting room space and private offices for liked minded digital businesses.

Please only use what you’ve paid for – we operate on a trust basis and we trust that you will let us know if you’ve used or consumed anything that’s not included in your rate.

Our spaces operate on a keyless entry system and although our standard office hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays) you may utilise the space outside of these hours. Access may not be guaranteed so we recommend having everything set up before you try and access our spaces outside of “normal” working hours.

You are requested to keep noise to a minimum.

CCTV, photographers and filming - we use CCTV to help protect everyone, footage is retained for 10 days and can be viewed by Haatch authorised personal only. From time to time we invite photographers and/or film crew into the offices for marketing purposes and you will be given a minimum of 24hrs notice of this, therefore should you not wish to be seen you will have the opportunity not to be.

Use the office as an office only, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Please keep it tidy.

If you or any of your invitees damage anything, we’ll obviously ask you to pay for the replacement.

Don’t alter anything in our spaces – we love them just the way they are.

WIFI – Haatch Desks is available to use.

Payment must be received before arrival, this ensures you receive everything you need in order to access our spaces with ease and any need to know information.

Please don’t do anything illegal or immoral while you’re with us.

All members, both resident and flexible, should have their own Fire Evacuation Plan in place. If you are a visitor, the company you are visiting will be responsible for you and should have a Fire Evacuation Plan in place for this. 

By booking with Haatch Desks Limited you acknowledge the above.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

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